How Superfoods Saved Our Lives & Can Someday Save Yours!

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If we told you that you could grow young would you believe it?  And even if you did believe it – would you do anything about it?

The day we took back our lives was the day we realized we had been sold a bag of goods about living, aging and dying that made no sense. That somehow, God had left us with only the miracles of medical science to help us as we grew older or were dealt with a life threatening illness. But what about the natural science that God created before we created our own?  More specifically, what about the miracle of life that could be found in every bite we took of whatever superfood we consumed?

Please know that we are not here to profess any type of religion. We are simply acknowledging that something created this beautiful thing we call life and what you call that thing is entirely up to you.  If you prefer, you can say that all of this is simply an accident. That’s fine.  All we are getting at is that we live in a world where our physical wellbeing can exist at an optimal level if we simply allow ourselves to embrace the power of superfoods.

For those thinking we are sharing our stories only to sell product, the answer is – you are absolutely right. But not for the reasons you might think. You see, all three of us were diagnosed with life altering illnesses.  Bob with Type 1 Diabetes. Sharlene with her MS and me with my Rheumatoid Arthritis. Today, all three of us are survivors of our respective illnesses and we have superfoods – an insane infusion of them daily – to thank for it.

At 71 Bob still trains for marathons. Sharlene has managed to run a company while being a full-time mother to three very active children and I (i.e., Franco) no longer suffer from any of the crippling symptoms of my condition. In fact, I have lost over 45 pounds in a matter of months because of a body purification and diet I created focused on superfoods. I feel better at 50 than when I was 20 and that’s no exaggeration.

So what’s the secret to our “fountain of youth?” Over the next many blogs, we are going to share with you what we discovered on our journey back to health. But let me warn you now, there are things you will hear that you may not like simply because they involve making lifestyle changes that you and ONLY you can do. In fact, the most powerful secret of all is that changing your health – we dare say, SAVING your life – will come down to whether or not you have faith in yourself to make the changes needed to nourish your life.

And that is where our stories really begin and that is where we’ll start the next time.


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