Heart StrongBobbi N. 
Monee, IL
I want to thank you in helping me find a natural way to reduce my cholesterol. My LDL cholesterol had elevated to 216. My doctor wanted me to go on a Statin drug to reduce it which I was uncomfortable doing so I stopped into a local health food store to see what types of natural supplements I could use to help reduce my cholesterol.

I was told about your product and thought I would try it out for a while to see what it would do to my cholesterol count. I didn’t know anything about the power of oat beta glucans but it didn’t matter – I was desperate to find a natural solution. I started mixing the powder in with my smoothies and even used it in my soups and sauces for my meals. Over the next 3 months my number DROPPED to 102. My doctor could not believe it when he looked at my numbers. I told him I never got his prescription filled and gave it back to him. He is now telling his patients about Vital Oats.

Thanks Nurish for this great natural product – it literally, changed my life.

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