How It Works

For centuries oats have been a staple in our diets, but scientists overlooked oat bran for years because the benefits sounded too good to be true. In the 1990s clinical research began to surface showing oat bran’s cholesterol-lowering effectiveness. Researchers realized it was the oat beta-glucan — the soluble (water-friendly) component of whole oat bran — that played the most important role.

When fat enters your liver, it can become harmful LDL cholesterol, which can clog your arteries and lead to heart attack or stroke. The oat beat-glucans in Vital Oats bind to some of the saturated and trans fats from foods you eat and carries them out of your system using your body’s natural digestion process, reducing the production of harmful LDL cholesterol.

Help Reduce Cholesterol Where it Starts

The easiest way to lower your cholesterol score is to inhibit “bad cholesterol” (low density lipoproteins) form reaching your liver, and therefore blood stream. Vital Oats binds itself to the cholesterol being introduced by the fatty foods you eat.  Vital Oat’s active component, beta-glucans, can be added to any hot or cold meal or beverage. This gives your body the ability to fight cholesterol 24 hours a day.

Inhibit Cholesterol Production

Preventing cholesterol production is Vital Oat’s innovation. It’s exactly what many cholesterol medications attempt to do. Most cholesterol medication helps inhibit or limit cholesterol. Vital Oats uses whole foods and natural biological responses to block cholesterol where it starts. You’ll be able to actively lower your cholesterol in every meal, without adverse side effects. If you are taking cholesterol medication, it can enhance their benefits by reducing the amount of cholesterol it has to fight. Be sure to consult your doctor and follow their recommendations and medication therapy.