How Does My Body Function?

So You Want to Know How Your Body Functions?

Well, we all have a balloon in us we call a stomach. Of course some are bigger and some are smaller but they all work the same way. When we eat something it goes into our balloon – sorry stomach! Our stomach says “Wow, I have to do something or I will get filled up!” So the stomach begins to eat this stuff by making watery stuff we call our body acid. This acid begins to make our food into teeny weeny pieces of food that begins to do three things. First, it gets rid of all the stuff it can’t use. We call it, well you know. Then it begins to turn some stuff into fuel we call energy so we can move around like run and talk and well, do all the stuff we want to do. All this is good.

Now for the bad stuff.

Sometimes, this process makes some tiny things we call free radicals. They are “free” because they don’t know where to go or what to do. So they begin to stick to the inside of our bodies we call cells. The cells are like pockets that store air. The air is called oxygen and creates the energy we need to do all the stuff remember? Anyway, these free radicals are always hungry because they are “incomplete” so they need food to grow except their food is the oxygen that you need.

Now the race is on!

Do we use our oxygen or do the free radicals use it first? If the free radicals use a lot of that oxygen they grow very fast and will get other cells in on the action. When that happens we don’t have enough oxygen so our bodies begin to say “help I need more oxygen to make energy or my ‘body shield’ (we call our immune system) is going to get weak and when that happens I can get really sick.” When we get really sick we call that condition in the body – immune deficiencies. Did you know all diseases are immune deficiencies?

How do I stop from getting immune deficiencies?

Well, there is one group of foods that will not only build your immune system but keep it high enough to create that energy you need to feel great and protect your body. This food is called phytonutrients. Wow a big word for what is in fruits and vegetables. Yes, that’ why we need to eat a lot of fruits and veggies. And greens too!

What’s a lot and which ones and how often?

Well, we have taken the guess work out of all this. Yes, our 37 Superfoods+ is chop full of fruits, veggies and greens. 1 scoop is like eating the phytonutrient value of 25 servings of them. How do we do this? We freeze them so they become powder and they retain their good stuff you know them as “nutrients.” The more nutrients you get the more oxygen you create; the higher your immune system the better you feel and the more energy you have to do all the things you want to do.

And the best thing of all – 37 Superfoods+ tastes great mixed in just water or even a smoothie or whatever cold drink you love….True that!!