34 Reasons We Are Thankful For Moms

Mothers are the best aren’t they? They are the true unsung hero’s of this world. They taught us everything we know. Raised us to be strong, loving, and determined people. This Sunday is an incredibly special day because it is our time to thank these astoundingly amazing women for all that they’ve done in our lives. You can show your gratitude by giving them the gift of health with our 37 Superfoods+ (purchase HERE). Plan a special day for them with all the things they love to do. Or write them a beautiful card.

Whatever you choose, we want to get you inspired to do something phenomenal for her. So we’ve listed 34 reasons we at MyNurish are thankful for our Mothers. Which ones are your favorites? Do you have any you’d like to add to the list? If so, tag us on Facebook and Instagram @mynurish!

MyNurish is Thankful For our Moms Because She:

  1. large (53)Loves us unconditionally
  2. Nursed us to health when we were sick
  3. Went through hours and quite possibly days of labor
  4. Never abandoned us during our weirdly long awkward phase
  5. Makes our favorite food at the drop of a hat
  6. Pushes us to be successful
  7. Hugs us when we cry
  8. Has taught us profound life lessons that we carry with us today
  9. Makes us laugh till our belly’s hurt
  10. Cleanes like a champion and taught us how to not be slobs
  11. Has forgiven us for all we put her through growing up
  12. Made us face our fears head on
  13. large (56)Taught us to stand up for ourselves
  14. Likes everything we post on social media
  15. Is the most incredibly patient person
  16. Never gave up on us
  17. Is a killer cook and makes our favorite dishes
  18. Is our best friend in the world
  19. Always know what to say to make us feel better
  20. Puts up with our father
  21. Makes parenting look so easy when it is not
  22. Lets us win at games
  23. Is the strongest person we know
  24. Has eyes in the back of her head
  25. large (57)3Laughs at all of our jokes
  26. Shares life alteringly delicious family recipes
  27. Gave us our good looks
  28. Is amazing at finding bargains
  29. Allowed us to take our time in figuring out that she was always right
  30. Taught us how to love
  31. Smiles and it makes everthing ok
  32. Gives us honest answers to hard questions
  33. Is our hero and the person we look up to each and every day

Take time this weekend to thank your mother for everything she has done in your life. Remember, it’s not too late to give her the gift of health with our healing superfood product, 37 Superfoods+. Click here to order!

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