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7 Tips to Simplify Life on the Go

We understand that in today’s world, parents, professionals, and college students are running around from dusk till dawn. Their busy schedules take over their life. When one is always on the go, simple things like eating breakfast and staying connected with ourselves can seem out of reach. To help you out, we’ve put together a list of 7 tips and tricks

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Obesity: the single greatest cause of hypertension

  Modest weight loss of 5%-10% has been associated with clinically significant reductions in blood pressure. Did you know that “hypertension” is the medical name for high blood pressure? How about that with the significant rise in obesity, we have also seen a corresponding increase in the prevalence of hypertension? 


Antioxidants & ORAC: Why you need a greens drink

What exactly is a free radical? Free radicals are atoms, molecules or ions that have lost an electron due to oxidation rendering them ”unstable.” When free radicals interact with certain chemical reactions in the body, they can create significant damage to healthy cells.