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How Superfoods Helped Me Fight Diabetes!

As I celebrate my 72 birthday today, I am reminded of that faithful day in 1997 when I walked out of the International Diabetes Center with a bag of needles and insulin.  I was devastated!  All I could think about was my father and the years he struggled with this disease before he passed away.  Watching as he lost control

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My Super [food] Life After rheumatoid arthritis!

For those who are expecting a long dissertation of how superfoods did this and that to my health, I want to tell you now this isn’t going to get into the nuts and bolts.  I’m going to keep this simple because the fact of the matter is – it IS simple!  When I was 40 I woke up one day

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How Superfoods Saved Our Lives & Can Someday Save Yours!

  If we told you that you could grow young would you believe it?  And even if you did believe it – would you do anything about it? The day we took back our lives was the day we realized we had been sold a bag of goods about living, aging and dying that made no sense. That somehow, God had left us

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