Focus and Feel Young with ADD

You have to have access to a secret weapon of sorts to successfully launch a technology company. A year ago, I was facing huge industry barriers that were opposed to the new technology I was trying to introduce. I was also dealing with severe Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) and no health insurance which meant no access to necessary medication. That’s when I was introduced to 37 Superfoods+ by a nutritionist.

When I focused on taking care of myself through a proper diet, I felt better.  But let’s be honest, hardly anyone has time to stay dedicated to that, let alone if you’re an entrepreneur trying to keep your dreams alive. 37 Superfoods+ not only helped me focus and achieve critical goals, it picked up my attitude, drive, and simply made me feel healthy and younger again.

All 10 of my employees now take 37 Superfoods+, some came from the fitness and nutrition industry (they tend to hog it). I would tell anyone to simply try it. It speaks volumes for itself.  If not, you truly will be missing a natural advantage in your daily life.

Frank Bellio, Founder & CEO Rate Barn

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