Energy After Brain Injury

I am writing to tell you how wonderful and impressed I am with 37 Superfoods+.  I am 54 and 8 years ago, I had a traumatic brain injury.  I knew I needed something to help me but I could not find anything.

Then, earlier this year, my boyfriend gave me a container of 37 Superfoods+……I felt like a burst of energy….and I felt better within 2 weeks.  I told him I don’t want to ever be out of 37 Superfoods+.  After using 37 Superfoods+ each day, I am getting the fruits and vegetables that I never used to eat. My nails are growing….finally….I feel nourished.  My doctors did not know why my nails were breaking so badly….now I can wear nail polish on my fingernails.  I still have to eat healthy meals, but 37 Superfoods+ fills in what I am not getting and more.

There is no way I could eat or take all the vitamins that I get in 37 Superfoods+.  My boyfriend has been using 37 Superfoods+ for almost 2 years and he will not go one day without it.  When he gave me your product, it was one of the best presents he has given me.  Please don’t ever stop making 37 Superfoods+!  I forgot to add that I am a “picky” person.  Thank you for 37 Superfoods+.

Victoria L.

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