There is a product available that has been clinically-proven by major research institutions around the world to help you live a LONGER and HEALTHIER life.  Really! The problem is that most doctors don’t even know about it.  And even those that do, have chosen to downplay its miraculous benefits.   Why?  Why would someone in this position choose to discard the power of this

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Coconut Oil Health Benefits – The Importance of Healthy Oil Alternatives

The great debate of cooking oils has been argued about extensively for years. Most camps are firm footed in the claim to fame of their particular oil of choice. But what is the easiest to cook with? Which one has the most health benefits? How are you to choose? I’ve personally played around with many oils in differing cooking techniques. But

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How I Beat MS with Superfoods

“Sharlene, you have Multiple Sclerosis” he said with a gentle tone.  Tears immediately welled up. “What do you mean I have MS?” I kept asking myself over and over again. I was in a state of shock. The only person I knew at the time with MS used a cane and her speech was impaired.  “Is this my future? No…that’s

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How Superfoods Helped Me Fight Diabetes!

As I celebrate my 72 birthday today, I am reminded of that faithful day in 1997 when I walked out of the International Diabetes Center with a bag of needles and insulin.  I was devastated!  All I could think about was my father and the years he struggled with this disease before he passed away.  Watching as he lost control

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How Alfalfa Leaves Can Help Take Back Your Health & Change Your Life!

“What’s the big deal about eating my fruits, veggies and greens? I hate having to do so and you can’t make me!”  I hear this all the time; especially, from the biggest babies of all – ADULTS!  Since every fruit, vegetable, green – and let’s not forget ancient grains – has its own nutritional importance, let’s take a look shall

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My Super [food] Life After rheumatoid arthritis!

For those who are expecting a long dissertation of how superfoods did this and that to my health, I want to tell you now this isn’t going to get into the nuts and bolts.  I’m going to keep this simple because the fact of the matter is – it IS simple!  When I was 40 I woke up one day

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