If you haven’t tried yoga yet, now is the time to start! Not only is it an incredibly strengthening exercise for your body, but it also is restorative for your mind. It increases flexibility and reduces stress while at the same time boosting immunity and increases your quality of sleep. If you are a newby, find your nearest yoga studio and get zen!
For those that are yoga fanatics we wanted to give you some tips to enhance your practice. These will assist you in re-centering and allow you to get the most out of your poses.

9 Ways to Strengthen Your Yoga Practice

  1. large (74)Before Yoga: First thing in the morning practice on an empty stomach. Or you can infuse your body with liquid nutrients such as a high quality greens powder (try out our Apple Cherry Vanilla flavor – it’s a fan favorite), or protein smoothie.
  2. This is Not A Competition: We can spend too much time viewing the other yogi’s in our class instead of focusing on ourselves. Stop comparing yourself to others! This is the time to drop the competitive edge, and respect the limits of your body. Bend and move at the best of your ability, and take pride in your own growth.
  3. Smile Like You Mean It: Many times we are concentrating so hard, we forget this is a time to rest and enjoy the moment. When your arms are shaking, don’t scowl. Instead smile! Know that this form of self-improvement is giving you a killer body and de-stressing you to the max.
  4. Make Yoga Friends: Convince your pals to take a class with you. Or introduce yourself to other yogis in class. If you have workout buddies, you are more likely to stay consistent with your practice. Plus, you will have a friend to go grab a celebratory smoothie with after class!
  5. Breathe and ReAlign: Observe your stance. Can you arch your back a bit more? Is your knee directly above your ankle? Are you putting all your weight into your heels? While holding a pose, make small adjustments to make it the best stance you’ve got.
  6. large (72)After Yoga: Within an hour after your practice replenish your cells to rebuild muscle and replace vital minerals. We recommend drinking natural coconut water with a serving of 37 Superfoods+ (purchase HERE to take advantage of our ‘Buy 3 Get 1 Free’ sale) to add in natural electrolytes for rehydration.
  7. Don’t Skip the Meditation: We can get so focused on thinking of our yoga practice as physical exercise we forget that it is also an incredible workout for our minds. Yoga asanas prep you for meditation which deepens your practice and alleviates your mind of stress. So learn to enjoy and let go.
  8. Be Consistent: Everything gets better with time and practice. You can’t improve upon anything when you only dedicate one hour a month to something. Yoga isn’t any different! Plan ahead and take accountability of yourself. Start off with a few classes per month and increase to multiple times a week.
  9. Fall In Love With Your Teacher: Well, not literally. But make sure you find a yoga teacher that inspires and pushes you! There are so many incredible studios throughout the country and even options to practice online. Do what brings you the most joy and work with those who help you better your practice.

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