8 Reasons You Need Nurishs Powdered Greens

We truly believe our 37 Superfoods+ has life changing powers. We’ve seen the profound benefits it’s had in our own personal health stories as well as for our customers. But many people may be confused as to the reasons why Nurish’s 37 Superfoods+ is a necessary inclusion into a healthy lifestyle.

We thought we would take the guess work out of the equation and tell you ourselves.

8 Reasons You Need Nurish’s Powdered Greens

1. It is truly delicious.

That’s right. You don’t need anything other then water to mix it with. In our research and development we tried every greens product out there and the biggest issue we noticed is that they were quite literally hard to swallow. We vowed to change that because taste matters. We are proud to be the tastiest greens product around and are excited to announce even more delicious flavors which will be available soon!

2. It is convenient as can be.

http---www.pixteller.com-pdata-t-l-270596Juicing is a pain. We know because we’ve tried. It takes over an hour to chop, juice, and clean up, all for one tiny glass. Nobody has time for those kitchen shenanigans with our busy as can be mornings. Instead, spend 15 seconds pouring our 37 Superfoods+ into a glass of water. Or bring our to-go packets with you everywhere!

3. You’ll save money.

We already spend $6 on our Starbucks glass of love every morning which can fill us with a bit of guilt. Why spend another $10 on a bottle of green juice? Our 37 Superfoods+ canisters last for 30 days which equates to $1.17 per day. Why spent 10 times more on something else when you can have the same incredibly healthy results from our greens for a fraction of the cost?

4. It gives you sustainable energy.

Before creating 37 Superfoods+ we were coffee chuggers. One pot was never enough and when the 3pm crash came we could barely keep our eyes open. The beauty of 37 Superfoods+ is it acts as a fuel for your body to function properly. It creates what we describe as sustained, youthful energy in a short period of time. It doesn’t leave you feeling jittery like other energy drinks on the market because it is natural, pure, and wholesome.

5. It’s the nutrient equivalent of eating 25 servings of fruits and vegetables.

Unless you are The Hulk mixed with Popeye, there is no way no how that you are going to have the time or stomach to eat that much produce in one day! The difference in our blend versus others is that we have the highest level of antioxidants out there; not to mention a high level of alkalizing and detox ingredients.

6. We’ve been told it’s a fantastic hangover cure.

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For the adults out there who like to indulge once in a while with some cocktail fun, the morning after can be a bit of a slap in the face. When you wake up the next morning your body is crying out for the super hydrating power and detox benefits our 37 Superfoods+ provides. We’ve been told by customers it’s their New Years, Birthday, and Superbowl next day savior.

7. It’s full of fiber.

Most green juices lose valuable nutrients and fiber during the juicing process when the pulp and skin are disposed. This is not a problem with 37 Superfoods+ as we included a gluten-free 5 grain blend. These high-quality whole food ingredients are pureed then gently dried in order to preserve all the goodies. Therefore you get the filling and detoxing benefits!

8. It could help you lose weight.

We have had many customers tell us our 37 Superfoods+ assisted in their weight loss so we decided to test it out ourselves. Our companies President, Franco Romero, is working with The University of Chicago and Argonne Laboratories to complete a 40 day fast, using only Nurish products as sustenance. We are also currently conducting a study with participants tracking their weight loss progress using our 37 Superfoods+ and Whey Protein powder.

So what’s a health nut to do? Try us out of course!

Purchase our 37 Superfoods+ today online and get ready for the miraculous wonders that come when you put your health first!

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