5 Ways To Detox For Spring

Spring cleaning isn’t just about sorting through things, and getting rid of clutter. It’s about taking stock of you are, and how others see you. It’s a chance to redefine yourself, to change expectations, and to remember that it’s never too late to recapture who you were, or to aim for who you want to be.

It’s official, spring has sprung! During the winter months the lack of movement can lead to a toxic build up in your body, mind, and spirit. This is why it’s so important to perform a reset of sorts multiple times a year. You open yourself up to transformation by getting rid of things that have accumulated over the past few months.

So celebrate the change in seasons and try out our tips to detox for Spring!

Step 1: Detox Your Body

  • With 70% veggies and 30% fruits, our 37 Superfoods+ has everything you need to replenish your body to feel sparkly new again.
  • Squeeze in 10-15 minutes of daily exercise which can be as simple as a walk outside or a fitness class at your local gym.
  • Water is a great way to flush out toxins and rehydrate your body. Pump up the flavor with 37 Superfoods+ ice cubes – find the recipe here.

Step 2: Detox Your Kitchen

  • Pantry62Leftovers that have exceeded 4 days? Throw them away. Processed meat? Get it out of there. Condiments that have been in your fridge since you purchased your home years earlier? See ya later.
  • Take the time to organize your pantry with mason jars. Get rid of those flour bags taking up room and spilling all over the place.
  • Take the time to reassess your current diet. Have you put off those cooking classes in favor of premade foods? Do you know that gluten causes you a stomach ache but haven’t had the willpower to eliminate it? Take the time now to take a stand on how you’d like to eat moving forward.

Step 3: Detox Your House

  • First create 3 piles: trash, keep, donate. Start from the ground (we see those dirty baseboards) and work your way up.
  • While using cleaning supplies, be sure to use organic products so that harsh chemicals don’t seep into your bloodstream. We recommend anything from Vitacost, an affordable and healthy online retailer!

Step 4: Detox Your Friendships & Family

  • Eliminate anyone from your friend group who: lies to you, disrespects you, uses you, and/or unfollow anyone who posts rude and/or negative things on social media.
  • Look at your immediate and extended family and assess how positive those relatinships are. Are their certain people who are constantly fighting? Try to distance yourself from them a bit.

Step 5: Detox Your Mind

  • 4.14Sleep is incredibly important when it comes to allowing your body to heal. Get at least 7 hours of sleep per night and keep that TV turned off and phone out of reach!
  • Meditation is a fantastic way to destress and clear your mind. Try one of these free ones out!
  • Be grateful. Create a gratitude journal and make 1 new entry daily. Changing your thoughts to center around optimism and thankfulness is a game changer.

Detoxing doesn’t have to be complex. Complete changes of your life. It’s about small steps that lead to a much needed reset.

We want to help you jump into spring with our superfood powder called 37 Superfoods+. When taken daily, this transformational blend helps your body become more alkaline while protecting it with an army of antioxidants which absorb free radicals that weaken your immune system. As a result. It’s a gentle detox that gives you an abundance of sustained energy.

It’s as simple as adding a scoop of powder into a glass of water. Plus it tastes delicious!

Try our Flavor Blast 4-pack today!

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