37 Superfoods+ During Chemo to Increase Immune System

I have been using 37 Superfoods+ ever since my nutritionist suggested it as a possible way to stay healthy and boost my immune system.  This was back in early 2013.  I had just been diagnosed with leukemia and knew I would be facing chemo in the near future.  I was looking for something to keep me healthy before treatment as well as during treatment.  I took her suggestion and made the call to Nurish.  Long story short, I have continued taking this product daily and during this time I have NOT had a single cold or caught the flu despite having a lower white blood cell count and a weaker immune system and being exposed to my grandkids that I frequently babysit for.  It really is an amazing product and I have you to thank for my continued health.  I take one scoop of 37 Superfoods+ every morning in a glass of water and I am set for the day.   Keep up the good work…Barb

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