32 Random Acts of Kindness

At MyNurish we believe in ‘nurishing’ the mind, body and soul. But many times we get stuck in one area. We all lead incredibly busy lives and sometimes forget to think about the happiness of others. The small things we can do to make someone else’s day special. But when we give to others, we are also rewarded with feelings of love, compassion, and pride. Those emotions lead to a less stressful existence and a happiness that can’t be beat.

This is why we put together a list of 32 Random Acts of Kindness. Don’t have any extra money to spend? That’s okay because these are all totally and completely free!

32 Free Random Acts of Kindess

  1. Anonymously leave nice notes around your city
  2. Donate your used books to a book store without accepting money in return
  3. Clean a family member’s house for free
  4. Prepare a meal for a homeless person
  5. Visit a nursing home
  6. Pick up trash in your neighborhood
  7. Collect clothes to take to your local homeless shelter
  8. Visit an animal shelter
  9. Volunteer at a soup kitchen
  10. Raise money and go on a mission trip
  11. Volunteer at a church
  12. Recycle and then donate your money to a charity
  13. Refrain from gossiping; speak well of others
  14. Let someone get ahead of you in line
  15. Compliment a stranger sincerely
  16. Write a letter of appreciation to someone
  17. Donate Blood
  18. Befriend the lonely person
  19. Hold the door for someone
  20. Call everyone you know and tell them you love them
  21. Leave nice comments on blogs, Instagram, and Facebook
  22. Smile at every stranger you come across
  23. Leave a flower on any lonely looking grave in a cemetery
  24. Offer a ride to someone that is car-less
  25. Mow your neighbor’s lawn
  26. Take the trash cans in for your neighbors
  27. Make someone laugh
  28. Offer an hour of free baby sitting or tutoring
  29. Give away your parking spot
  30. Help someone achieve a goal
  31. Cut out coupons and give them to someone
  32. Bring a sick friend homemade soup and a glass of 37 Superfoods+
We want to see what random act of kindness you partake in today and would even love to have your story featured on our social media.

When sharing your random act of kindness on Facebook or Instagram make sure to tag @mynurish!

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