The Science Behind BETA GLUCAN

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The Science Behind BETA GLUCAN


Even though BETA GLUCAN is relatively new to consumers, the science behind oat-beta glucans has been 15 years in the making. In 1998, BETA GLUCAN was developed by the USDA by Dr. George Inglett from the Center for Agricultural Utilization and Research (ARS). Dr. Inglett, a chemist, invented a way to concentrate beta-glucans from oats and barley while maintaining the nutrition of whole grains. Dr. Inglett’s research created a technology that could incorporate the healthy magic of oat beta-glucans into many foods.

Dr. Inglett created a process which separates soluble fiber from the insoluble fiber. The soluble fiber is then dried and ground into a powder. BETA GLUCAN becomes a mixture of both beta-glucans and starches from the original oats. The fact that BETA GLUCAN comes in powder form allows it to be mixed with other foods in your diet as frequently as you desire.

BETA GLUCAN is formulated to Qualify for the FDA Heart Health Claim

In order to qualify for the FDA’s heart health claim, any whole-oat source should contain at least 0.75 grams of beta-glucans per serving. Though the scientific and medical communities have long been aware that oat beta-glucans are capable of reducing serum levels of cholesterol and triglycerides, it wasn’t until recently that information began to surface regarding their effectiveness. Over the past decade, substantial evidence from clinical studies showing that oat beta-glucans help reduce cholesterol convinced the United States Food and Drug Administration to allow the heart health claim to be made if a product met its qualifications which we do.

BETA GLUCAN is all-natural organic, gluten free, and chemical-free

BETA GLUCAN does not undergo any of the enzymatic or solvent-based treatments of highly processed whole oat products. It is not chemically processed, or modified as an isolate. It is concentrated at 10% per serving so it would not necessitate the removal of other non-beta glucan components. Because BETA GLUCAN is created using a strictly mechanical process, it maintains the FDA’s definition of a whole oat product.

BETA GLUCAN oat beta-glucans mix with cholesterol-based bile acids in the digestive tract. Soluble fiber absorbs these bile acids and then carries the cholesterol out of your body. These same beta-glucans have also been shown to help limit the enzymes involved in processing cholesterol.