BETA GLUCAN Frequently Asked Questions

BETA GLUCAN – Frequently asked questions 



A: BETA GLUCAN meets the FDA’s regulation for the “oat heart health” claim. The FDA regulates the types of claims which can be made about supplements and food. BETA GLUCAN is the only USDA developed oat soluble fiber product to carry this claim.

Q: Does BETA GLUCAN have side effects?

A: No. Just as with oat bran, BETA GLUCAN has no side effects.BETA GLUCAN is made of 100% natural whole oats. You can consider any diet or nutrition program as an adjunct to a doctor’s care.

Q: Can I take BETA GLUCAN with medication?

A: BETA GLUCAN has the same effect as oatmeal. If you eat oatmeal, you’ll be just as successful with BETA GLUCAN.

Q: How many times each day do I have to use BETA GLUCAN?

A: You should use BETA GLUCAN 2 times a day to consistently lower your cholesterol. Use it once at breakfast, and once at dinner time.

Q: What are the ingredients of BETA GLUCAN?

A: BETA GLUCAN is 100% natural. We don’t add anything chemical or synthetic. We don’t add enzymes during manufacturing. We don’t add any preservatives. It’s concentrated whole oat bran beta glucans.

Q: Does BETA GLUCAN cause any digestion problems or discomfort?

A: No, BETA GLUCAN actually helps maintain healthy digestion. Soluble fiber actually adds bulk to help move through the digestive tract. Even BETA GLUCAN customers diagnosed with IBS have had success with BETA GLUCAN.

Q: Is VO similar to eating oatmeal?

A: BETA GLUCAN is different from regular oat bran in two very important ways.  It has 6 times fewer calories and 50% more beta glucans.

Q: How is BETA GLUCAN made?

A: It’s a very simple process. First we remove the course fiber and starches. Finally we preserve the concentrated water-friendly portion. What’s left is the beta-glucan, which is what 30 years of clinical research shows actively lowers cholesterol.

Q: How many servings will I get?

A: Each canister contains 42 servings. Thus, it will last you 21 days if you take the suggested 2 servings per day that are required to effectively lower your serum cholesterol by 10% in 30 days.