About Vital Oats™

Vital Oats™ is an All-Natural, Organic, Gluten-free, and Chemical-free Water-soluble Powder

Vital Oats™ does not undergo any of the enzymatic or solvent-based treatments of highly processed whole oat products. It is not chemically processed, or modified as an isolate. It is concentrated at 10% per serving so it does not necessitate theremoval of other non-beta-glucan components. Because Vital Oats™ is created using a strictly mechanical process, it maintains the FDA’s definition of a whole oat product.

Vital Oats™ oat beta-glucans mix with cholesterol-based bile acids in the digestive tract. Soluble fiber absorbs these bile acids and then carries the cholesterol out of your body. These same beta-glucans have also been shown to help limit the enzymes involved in processing cholesterol.

Remove Cholesterol from the Body Naturally

Vital Oats™ uses oat beta-glucans to bind to fat in the intestines and carry it out of your body. This keeps the fat from reaching your liver, which prevents your liver from producing cholesterol. By lowering the amount of cholesterol your liver produces, less artery-clogging, “bad cholesterol” reaches your blood stream.

Get More Heart-Healthy Beta-Glucans

If you can limit your fat intake, you can dramatically impact your cholesterol. Eating whole grain products, like oat bran, would also help. But how do you get enough to play an active role in your diet? Vital Oats™ solves the impossible task of finding ways to eat enough oat bran beta-glucans to maintain low cholesterol levels. Vital Oats™ can help in both the short and long-term.

Concentrated Beta-Glucans for Greater Impact

Normally, you would try to lower your cholesterol by getting more oats. Eating more oatmeal is one way you could get more oats. You may even try cereals, or other whole grain products. Vital Oats™ allows you to take it a step further. You can now put oat beta-glucans to work by incorporating Vital Oats™ in your meals. For example, you can use Vital Oats™ to replace the fat in butter in one meal see Recipes for butter replacement), and add it to your skim milk for another meal.

Vital Oats™ is formulated to Qualify for the FDA Heart Health Claim

In order to qualify for the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) health claim, any whole oat source should contain at least 0.75 grams of beta-glucans per serving. The scientific and medical community have long been aware that oat beta-glucans are capable of reducing serum levels of cholesterol and tryglicerides. Evidence that oat beta-glucans help reduce cholesterol convinced the FDA to allow heart health claims to be made.